AR# 3833


F1.4 Schematic: How to import and edit a macro without affecting the original source file


Keywords: Foundation, Library manager, import, macro, edit, source,

Urgency: Normal

General Description:

Sometimes, it is desireable to import some user defined macros from other
project libraries and customize those without affecting the original source file. If
you simply attach library to the current project and edit the macro in the new project, you will actually be editting the original macro in the single attached library.
attached library, It will therefore affect the source file, thus, the original macro
in the original project as well.


To do this, copy each macro object individually from the original project library to the current library. This way you will now have 2 copies of the macro, one in each project library.
1. Open library manager. (Tools -> Library Manager)
2. Highlight the project library that contains the desired macro.
3. Click on the Objects tab to view all the macro objects in
this library.
4. Highlight the object name that you wish to copy, select
Object -> Copy, then fill out the Destination section, making
sure the destination library is chosen correctly.

You will now have a local copy of the macro in the new project library.

AR# 3833
Date 04/04/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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