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Spartan-6 FPGA GTP Transceiver Wizard v1.7: Release Notes and Known Issues for ISE Software 12.3


This Answer Record contains the Release Notes and Known Issues for the Spartan-6 GTP Transceiver Wizard v1.7 released with the ISE 12.3 software.



This file contains release notes for the Xilinx LogiCORE IP Spartan-6 FPGA GTP Transceiver Wizard v1.7.

For the latest core updates, see the product page at:

New Features

  • ISE 12.3 software support
  • Added extended line rate support
  • 0.94G-1.22G for all speedgrades 3.125G-3.2G for -3, -4 speedgrade
  • Added Auto Upgrade feature. Can upgrade versions 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 to version 1.7

Supported Devices

  • Spartan-6 XC LXT
  • Spartan-6 XA LXT
  • Spartan-6 XQ LXT

Resolved Issues

  • Spartan-6 GTP Wizard has incorrect setting on channel bonding for Display Port.
    • Version fixed: 12.3
    • CR Number: 565734
      Description: Channel bonding should be disabled and the bonding max skew should be set to 1 for display port.
  • Auto upgrade feature is not working when trying to upgrade v1.2
    • Version fixed: 12.3
    • CR Number: 564961
    • Description: CORE Generator is reporting an error when trying to upgrade v1.2 to v1.6. This has been fixed in 12.3.
  • Can't select 10 bits for the datapath width in v1.5 of S6 GTP Wizard.
    • Version fixed: 12.3
    • CR Number: 565861
    • Description: Updated the datapath width selection based on the linerate in the TCL file.
  • Implementation fails during map while using synplify_pro
    • Version fixed: 12.3
    • CR Number: 521614
    • Description: Updated the port directions in the example_top to fix the implementation failure with Synplify Pro.
  • Timing errors due to setup violations because of heavy routing delay
    • Version fixed: 12.3
    • CR Number: 568329
    • Description: Updated map options in the implementation scripts to nullify timing errors due to heavy routing delay.
  • Spartan-6 GTP Wizard v1.5 crashes when illegal Refclks are selected, but GUI does not report any error during selection.
    • Version fixed: 12.3
    • CR Number: 567598
    • Description: Updated the TCL file to add validation procedures for the Ref Clks.
  • s6_gtpwizard_v1_5 refers to a file that doesn't exist
    • Version fixed: 12.3
    • CR Number: 568937
    • Description: Removed as this file is not used anywhere.
  • VHDL contains non-synthesizable wait statement
    • Version fixed: 12.3
    • CR Number: 570220
    • Description: This wait statement exists in the simulation-only code. Replaced the wait statement with a counter.
  • Spartan-6 GTP Wizard v1.7 - PLL Attributes in Generic map confusing - Please put them back at lower level
    • CR Number: 570731
    • Description: Updated the lower level file with the correct generics.

Known Issues

The following are known issues for v1.7 of this core at release time:

  • SATA-I/II protocols are not compliance tested
  • Incorrect range of values for ppm_offset in GSG546. The range should not have ">+_100 ppm or SSC".

The most recent information, including known issues, workarounds, and resolutions for this version is provided in the release notes Answer Record for the ISE 12.3 IP Update at:

Core Release History

Date By Version Description
09/21/2010 Xilinx, Inc. 1.7 12.3 release
07/23/2010 Xilinx, Inc. 1.6 12.2 release
04/19/2010 Xilinx, Inc. 1.5 12.1 release
12/02/2009 Xilinx, Inc. 1.4 11.4 release
09/16/2009 Xilinx, Inc. 1.3 11.3 release
06/26/2009 Xilinx, Inc. 1.2 11.2 release
04/24/2009 Xilinx, Inc. 1.1 Beta2

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