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AR# 38450

12.2 EDK, XPS_MCH_EMC - ERROR:EDK:3193 - issued from TCL procedure


I am configuring the XPS MCH EMC core to connect to a Flash part. 

During synthesis the following error is displayed:


ERROR:EDK:3193 - issued from TCL procedure "hw_emc_common_v4_01_a::check_max_mem_width" line 21 xps_mch_emc_0 (xps_mch_emc) - Invalid xps_mch_emc_0 parameter:
C_MAX_MEM_WIDTH must be the maximum value among width of memory bank data bus
ERROR:EDK:3193 - issued from TCL procedure "check_dwidth_matching_and_num_channels" line 14 xps_mch_emc_0 (xps_mch_emc) - Invalid xps_mch_emc_0 parameter:C_INCLUDE_DATAWIDTH_MATCHING_0,  C_INCLUDE_DATAWIDTH_MATCHING_0 = 0 only if C_MEM0_WIDTH = C_MCH_NATIVE_DWIDTH


The error is because C_MAX_MEM_WIDTH is not equal to the maximum value for the width of the memory bank data bus.


If there is one flash part, C_MAX_MEM_WIDTH and C_MEM0_WIDTH should be equal.

AR# 38450
Date 01/19/2015
Status Active
Type Error Message
  • EDK - 12.1
  • EDK - 12.2
  • EDK - 12.3
  • XPS Multi-CHannel External Memory Controller
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