AR# 38457


12.2 Project Navigator - NGDBUILD fails for Project moved for Windows to Linux fails


A user has a design projectthat runs fine on a Windows machine. However, if the project is moved to a network drive and run on a Linux platform,ngdbuild fails stating that the input file cannot be found.

The original error message:

ROR:NgdBuild:1364 - Top-level input design file "" cannot be found or
created. Please make sure the source file exists and is of a recognized
netlist format (e.g., ngo, ngc, edif, edn, or edf).

Notice that NgdBuild is looking for instead of the correct &lttop level file name&gt .ngo.


Moving the design froma Windowsplatform toLinuxProject Navigator does notproperly process the change with regard to previously generated files.

To work around this issue, run Project -> Cleanup Project Files and then re-implement the design.

This issue has been resolved in ISE Design Suite 12.3.

AR# 38457
Date 05/19/2012
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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