AR# 38469


12.2 Licensing - ERROR:NgdBuild:1317 - Error in ngdbuild regarding ChipScope License


Customer has a valid license but is seeing the following error message in ngdbuild:

ERROR:NgdBuild:1317 - Using core chipscope_vio_v1 requires a ChipScopePro


If the license is being correctly found but not being recognized as a valid ChipScope Pro license, thecausemay be that the license was incorrectly generated. For a brief period in September, 2010, some ChipScope Pro licenses had a typo in the license file where the ChipScope Pro component is referred to as ChipsopePro instead of ChipscopePro (There is a missing 'c'). This issue has now been fixed.

To overcome the issue, delete the existing .lic file and then re-generating a new license file.
AR# 38469
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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