AR# 38480


ISE Text Editor - Strikeout font setting has no effect


Under Preferences -> ISE Text Editor -> Text Editor font, there is a "Change" button that will bring up a Select Font settings box. This settings box allows a user to select the font, style, and sizethat text will be displayed in ISE Text Editor. On this page there is a selection for Strikeout.

If Strikeout is selected, the sample font shows strikethrough over text. However, the ISE Text Editor does not show the strikeout.


The Strikeout and Underline effects in the Select Font settings box are available due topredetermined settings in the low level code base used by the ISE Text Editor.

The Strikeout option was intentionally left unsupported in the ISE Text Editor as it would apply to all text in a file and would never increase readability.
AR# 38480
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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