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AR# 38518

Project Navigator - Error: Simulator version mismatch!


When running simulation from Project Navigator the following error occurs:

ERROR: Simulator version Mismatch!

The simulation libraries were compiled for the 'MTI_PE 6.6b'version, but
the selected simulator is 'MTI_PE Edition'. Please recompilethe libraries for
the selected simulator version or change the simulatorselection.


You should check the version of simulator that is configured to be used from within ISE. Open the tools preferences by Edit -> Preferences... You will then see the following dialog box where you point to the specific version of ModelSim you want to us:

Article 38518
Article 38518

You should also check that you have the "Compiled Library Directory" setup correctly. Right click on the "Simulator Behavioral Model" tool in the processes window.

Article 38518
Article 38518

Select Properties and you will see the following:

Article 38518
Article 38518

Ensure the top line "Compiled Library Directory" is set correctly. You can also select the option "Ignore Pre-Compiled Library Warning Check" to turn off the compiled library check.
AR# 38518
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
  • ISE Design Suite - 12.3
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