AR# 38560


System Generator for DSP 12.2 - When using the System Geeratorn Timing Analysis GUI on Lin64, the buttons for ISE reports and Timing Analysis do not work


Ifyou generatea design using "Timing and Power Analysis" as the compilation target, a System Generator Timing Analysis GUI appears. This GUI contains several buttons including Slow Paths, Charts, Statistics, and Trace which all work fine. However, the ISE Reports, and Power Analysis buttons result in the following error:
"Failed to launch ISE report viewer" and "Failed to launch Xpower Analyzer"."


This is only an issue when using a Linux operating system. Both of these buttons work fine on Win32.
This problem has been fixed with version 12.3 of the tools.
AR# 38560
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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