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Licensing - Concatinated / Merged license components cannot be checked out


I have multiple floating licenses combined into one license file, being served from a common server. Some of the licensed features can be checked out but, others cannot.

Example: A license file contains a "Logic_Edition" (count =1) Increment and a "System_Edition" (count = 3) Increment.
Lmgrd is running and a component (e.g. ISE) from the Logic Edition increment can be checked out but components from the System Edition Increment cannot be checked out. One manifestation of this is when two users attempt to implement a design at the same time, MAP fails for the second user with an error similar to the following.

ERROR:Security:9 - No 'ISE' feature was available for part 'xc5vlx330'.
ERROR:Security:12 - No 'xc5vlx330' feature was available (-18).
Licensed number of users already reached.
Feature: ISE
License path: 2100@bigserver:/proj/employee2/.Xilinx/*.lic:/eda/ISE/12.3/ISE/
FLEXnet Licensing error:-4,132

"lmutil lmstat -a -c port@server" gives the following output.


Feature usage info:

Users of Logic_Edition: (Total of 1 license issued; Total of 1 license in use)

"Logic_Edition" v2011.05, vendor: xilinxd
floating license

joe8389 servc3660 /dev/util/6 (v2011.05) (servc07/2500 202), start Thu 10/21 13:24

Users of System_Edition: (Total of 3 licenses issued; Total of 0 licenses in use)


I can see 1 license with "Logic_Edition' is in use. Why are the 3 licenses with "System_Edition" not available?


First of all, please ensure your license files meet thecriteria for combination.

License files are candidates for combining under the following conditions:
  • The number of SERVER lines in each file is the same.
  • The hostid field of each SERVER line in one file exactly matches the hostid field of each SERVER line in the other file.

Secondly, please make sure you have copied all parts of one license into the combined file, not only the INCREMENT line but also the PACKAGE part. The PACKAGE definition is a REQUIRED part of the license. Itsabsence will result in check-out failure.

In caseyou do not have access to the combined license, you may run "lmutil lmdiag -c port@server". If you don't see the following info in the diagnostic output, the PACKAGE part is probably missing.

This license cannot be checked out because:
A PACKAGE component must be specified.


This output is normal. A license PACKAGE is a logical grouping of features. The package itself cannot be checked out, only the component FEATURES may be.

(Xilinx Answer 33719)

For more information on how to combine license files, please refer to Xilinx Licensing FAQ.

See the content under"Working with License Files" -> "Can license files be merged? How?".

AR# 38748
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