AR# 38765


ChipScope - "WARNING - Device 0:ICON Core version v11.3 is not supported"


The following warning is reported in when I try to connect to the JTAG Cable in ChipScope Pro Analyzer 11.1:

WARNING - Device 0:ICON Core version v11.3 is not supported.
INFO: Found 0 Core Uints in the JTAG device Chain.

What is the problem?


This error is caused by a ChipScope Pro version mismatch.

The versions (including service packs) of the following software must be the same:
  1. ChipScope Pro Inserter, which is used to insert ChipScope Pro cores into the design.
  2. Core Generator, which is used to generate ChipScope Pro cores.
  3. ISE Design Suite, which is used to implement the design with ChipScope Pro core.
  4. ChipScope Pro Analyzer, which is used to configure the device and debug the design.

To resolve this problem, use ChipScope Pro Analyzer 11.3 instead of 11.1.
AR# 38765
Date 12/01/2014
Status Active
Type Error Message
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