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AR# 38791

14.x CPLD - WARNING:Cpld - Unable to retrieve the path to the ISE Project Repository.


When implementing a CPLD design in Project Navigator, the Fit process gives the following warning:

WARNING:Cpld - Unable to retrieve the path to the iSE Project Repository. Will use the default filename of '<design_name>.ise'.


The warning is coming from cpldfit, which is incorrectly expecting the .ise file from the command line.

In ISE 10.x, the .ise file was passed in the command line in order to specify the location of the generated constraints database. The use of the .ise file on the command line was obsoleted in the ISE 11.1 software revision. However, cpldfit was not updated accordingly and still looks for the .ise file even though one does not exist and constraints are passed to the design during the Translate process.

This warning can be safely ignored.
AR# 38791
Date 11/27/2012
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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