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LogiCORE Viterbi Decoder v7.0 - I cannot change the traceback length in the GUI for the IP Core Generator 12.3


When trying to create a LogiCORE Viterbi Decoder v7.0 using Core Generator 12.3, I can only enter one character for the traceback length, and it goes red. This means I cannot put in a value and, hence, generate a core. Why is this? How can I work around it and when will it be fixed?


This is an issue in Core Generator 12.3 software. This is not an issue in Core Generator 12.2 software, andwill be fixed in 12.4. It only occurs for the traceback parameter.

The following ftp location contains the updatedfiles that should be used over 12.3 software :

To work around this issue,place updated viterbi_v7_0.tclto:

<ISE Install Path>/coregen/ip/xilinx/dsp/com/xilinx/ip/viterbi_v7_0/gui

For a detailed list of LogiCORE Viterbi Decoder Release Notes and Known Issues, see (Xilinx Answer 29448).

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AR# 38797
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