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AR# 388

5.0 3000A PPR - 3064APG132 package: Possible cause of Error 5807


When running a 3064APG132 design through PPR 5.0, an error similar to the
following may occur:

Speedfile version 3000A.1, revision 3064A.4.

*** PPR: ERROR 5807:
The following I/O signals were constrained to invalid IOB locations
for the part 3064APG132. Check that the specified locations are
valid I/O package pins for this device. (To place an I/O signal on
one of the dual-purpose pins TDO, MD0, MD1 or MD2, use the
corresponding special pad symbol in your design. No constraints are
required on special pad symbols.)
$1N9_pad LOC=C2
$1N5_pad LOC=B1

PPR Terminating due to error status from subtool.

The error seems to indicate that C2 and B1 are invalid location
constraints, when in fact they are perfectly valid.
This is more than likely caused by an error in the package file for the
3064APG132 package. The header line that belongs at the beginning of the
file is missing in the XACT 5.0 release. By adding the following line to
the beginning of the file $XACT/data/3064g132.pkg, the problem should

package 3064pg132 1 0 1 0

If you do not have permission to edit this file, make a local copy in the
design directory and edit it there. PPR will read the local copy first.

AR# 388
Date 03/22/2000
Status Archive
Type ??????
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