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12.1 EDK - How can I use the Platform Flash XL on the SP605 or ML605 boards?


I would like to use the Platform Flash XL in my embedded design, but Base System Builder sets up the design to use the P30 part.

How can I use Platform Flash XL?


To use Platform Flash XL, you need to make the following modifications to your ML605 design:

  1. In the MHS:
    • Connect the P30_CS_SEL (fpga_0_FLASH_CE_inverter_Res_pin) to ground
    • Connect the FPGA_FCS_B (new signal in your design) to the memory controller's CEN pin
    • Add the Mem_ADV_LDN port to your memory controller
    • Connect the Mem_ADV_LDN_net (new signal in your design) to the PLATFORMFLASH_L_B pin
  2. Add the following (based on your signal names) to the UCF:

    Net fpga_0_FLASH_CE_inverter_Res_pin LOC=AJ12 | IOSTANDARD=LVCMOS25;
    Net fpga_0_FLASH_Mem_ADV_LDN_pin LOC=AC23 | IOSTANDARD=LVCMOS25;
    Net fpga_0_FLASH_Mem_FPGA_FCS__B_pin LOC=Y24 | IOSTANDARD=LVCMOS25;
  3. Run Flashwriter one time so that it automatically creates the flash_params.tcl file in your project's etc directory. When Flashwriter has completed, open the etc/flash_params.tcl file and add the following line, then save and close the file:

  4. Open a Bash shell from your XPS / SDK project and run Flashwriter from the command line.Doing so causes Flashwriter to not write out a new flash_params.tcl file, but use the one you have saved in the etc directory:

    prompt> xmd -tcl flashwriter.tcl

    An example project has been provided.

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