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AR# 38862

ML510 - Schematic Pin Names Incorrect


The pin names in the ML510 schematic do not match those given for that device-package combination in the Virtex-5 FPGA Packaging and Pinout Specification (UG195).


Some banks in the ML510 schematic include pin names that do not match those given for this device-package combination in the Virtex-5 FPGA Packaging and Pinout Specification (UG195). The pinout as listed in UG195 is the correct pinout for the XC5VFX130T device in the FFG1738 package that is included in the ML510 Evaluation Platform.

The differences in the pinout are highlighted in the table below, with the pin names that differ listed here:
Pin #Pin Name UG195Pin Name Schematics
11 F42IO_L0P_11IO_L1N_11
11 G42IO_L0N_11IO_L1P_11
11 F41IO_L1P_11IO_L3P_11
11 G41IO_L1N_11IO_L19N_SM9N_11
11 H41IO_L2P_11IO_L11N_CC_SM14N_11
11 J41IO_L2N_11IO_L0P_11
11 J42IO_L3P_11IO_L2P_11
11 K42IO_L3N_11IO_L14P_11
11 L40IO_L4P_11IO_L17N_SM11N_11
11 L42IO_L5P_11IO_L12N_VRP_11
11 M41IO_L5N_11IO_L12P_VRN_11
11 M42IO_L6P_11IO_L11P_CC_SM14P_11
11 N40IO_L7P_11IO_L17P_SM11P_11
11 P40IO_L7N_11IO_L15N_SM13N_11
11 Y37IO_L11P_CC_SM14P_11IO_L6P_11
11 AA37IO_L11N_CC_SM14N_11IO_L0N_11
11 R42IO_L12P_VRN_11IO_L18P_SM10P_11
11 P42IO_L12N_VRP_11IO_L5P_11
11 P41IO_L13P_11IO_L16P_SM12P_11
11 R40IO_L13N_11IO_L5N_11
11 T40IO_L14P_11IO_L19P_SM9P_11
11 T42IO_L15P_SM13P_11IO_L13N_11
11 U41IO_L15N_SM13N_11IO_L13P_11
11 U42IO_L16P_SM12P_11IO_L16N_SM12N_11
11 V41IO_L16N_SM12N_11IO_L7N_11
11 V40IO_L17P_SM11P_11IO_L7P_11
11 W41IO_L17N_SM11N_11IO_L4P_11
11 W42IO_L18P_SM10P_11IO_L2N_11
11 Y42IO_L18N_SM10N_11IO_L3N_11
11 AA42IO_L19P_SM9P_11IO_L15P_SM13P_11
11 AA41IO_L19N_SM9N_11IO_L18N_SM10N_11
12 K4IO_L7P_12IO_L14P_11
13 AB41IO_L0P_SM8P_13IO_L4P_13
13 AB42IO_L0N_SM8N_13IO_L1N_SM7N_13
13 AC41IO_L1P_SM7P_13IO_L8P_CC_SM1P_13
13 AD42IO_L1N_SM7N_13IO_L13P_13
13 AE42IO_L2P_SM6P_13IO_L3P_SM5P_13
13 AD41IO_L2N_SM6N_13IO_L1P_SM7P_13
13 AF41IO_L3P_SM5P_13IO_L5P_SM4P_13
13 AF42IO_L3N_SM5N_13IO_L6N_SM3N_13
13 AF40IO_L4P_13IO_L3N_SM5N_13
13 AG42IO_L5P_SM4P_13IO_L5N_SM4N_13
13 AH41IO_L5N_SM4N_13IO_L16P_13
13 AJ41IO_L6N_SM3N_13IO_L13N_13
AR# 38862
Date 09/20/2011
Status Active
Type General Article
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