AR# 3887


Foundation Schematic Editor F1.4: $ARRAY=Y attribute creates Y instances, not Y+1.


In Foundation F1.4, we added the $ARRAY attribute. However, it doesn't behave as advertised in the Help Docs.

An attribute of $ARRAY=Y is supposed to create Y+1 instances of a component, which is how Viewlogic does it. However, only Y instances are created. This is quite apparent as the Logic Simulator reports unknown output values and MAP trims the loadless and sourceless signals.


For now, increase the value of the $ARRAY attribute by 1.
Don't really know what the PRT will decide because fixing the software will create an extra component in the future. Else, they might just decide to modify the documentation.
AR# 3887
Date 09/17/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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