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AR# 38883

Licensing - How do I generate a Free or Evaluation License for a LogiCORE IP Core?


How do I get an evaluation license for a LogiCORE IP core?

How do I obtain a license for a free LogiCORE IP core which is licensed?


  1. Go to the www.xilinx.com\getlicense.
  2. Login to open the "Product Licensing" page (There is no charge to login. However, a simple registration is required to get a login ID).
  3. On the "Create New Licenses" tab, select "Search Now" in the "Evaluation and No Charge Cores" box at the top of the page:
  4. In the "Add Evaluation and No Charge IP Cores..." pop-up window, search for and select the desired licenses.
  5. After selecting the desired licenses, select "Add" at the bottom right side of the window. The "Create License" page is populated and the license can be generated.
AR# 38883
Date 02/19/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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