AR# 38941


12.3 Partitions - Not able to use a relative path for import location using SmartXplorer


According to the Hierarchical Design Methodology Guide, you can import a partition while using SmartXplorer by pointing to the appropriate Run folder with either an absolute or relative path in the xpartition.pxml file. However, the relative path does not work and the following error occurs:

"ERROR:HierarchicalDesignC:208 - The previous implementation file "*_prev_built.ngd" for Partition "xyz" does not exist in the import location "../run1". Please verify that the path to the import location is correct and that the project was successfully implemented and exported."


The problem is that the xpartition.pxml file lists the import location as a relative path (i.e., "..\run1") which is correct when NGDBuild is running in the launch directory. However, the xpartition.pxml file is copied to another directory by SmartXplorer where MAP and PAR are run. MAP launches and fails to find the files in the "..\run1" directory because the location of those files is now "..\..\run1" (since MAP and PAR run in a new directory that is one directory deeper.)

To work around this issue, when using SmartXplorer, use absolute paths for the import location in the xpartition.pxml file.
AR# 38941
Date 02/01/2011
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