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12.3- ChipScope IBERT - Core generation fails when I target Virtex-6 GTH (HX380T FF1923) device


When I try to generate an IBERT design that targets an Virtex-6 HX380T device in an FF1923 package, IBERT generation fails and the following error is included in the log file or console message:

ERROR:sim - runNgdBuild : IBERT:ngdbuild: Check report

rt.bld for more information.ERROR:sim -
ERROR:sim - Unable to evaluate Tcl command:
{chipscope_ibert_virtex6_gth_v2_01_a} {chipscope_ibert} {ALL}
Error found during generation.
Closed project file.


This error will occur during Core generation for IBERT for HXT device due to two reasons:

1. Environment Path variables for IDS/ISE software are not set correctly:- To correct this issue please have a look following solution:
i. How to Set Environment options via Script: Please refer steps given in the ISE Design Suite 12: Installation, Licensing, and Release Notes on page number 25.
ii. OR please follow here from ISE Design Suite 12: Installation, Licensing, and Release Notes on page number 25. At the completion of the installation process, the installation program creates an Environment variable batch file for you. All appropriate Desktop and Program Group shortcuts call this file before launching the target application. A shortcut to a command-line prompt which sets the environment has been created for you. The shortcut is located at Xilinx ISE Design Suite 12.3 > Accessories > ISE Design Suite Command Prompt.

To set environment variables in make or script files:

Add <XILINX installation directory>\settings32.bat or settings64.bat to your script. 32 or 64 corresponds to the bit-width of the operating system installed on the machine

2. Regional Language settings for the Operating system are not correctly set:
i. ISE Design Suite 12 supports three operating systems, that is, Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SUSE Linux Enterprise with Englishand Japanese Language only. So, customers should not use any other regional languages.
ii.Above error can be sorted out by changing the Regional language settings to US English or Japanese.
iii.To change these settings, go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel, then double-click on "Regional and Language Options", and change the language to English (United States). You might need to restart your PC for the settings to take effect.

If this does not fix the problem, please contact Xilinx Technical Support:

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