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Power - TI Power Solutions for measuring power on Xilinx Evaluation Kits


How do I use TI Power Solutions to measure the power on Xilinx Evaluation Kits?


The TI Fusion Digital Power Designer can be used to monitor voltage and current levels, and read power. 

The TI Fusion Digital Power Manufacturing Tool can be used to restore the TI power controllers on Xilinx Evaluation Kits (6 and 7 Series) to the factory defaults.


To download the TI Fusion Tools, go to the Texas Instruments website:

TI Fusion Digital Power Designer

TI Fusion Digital Power Manufacturing Tool


To use these tools with a 6 or 7 Series board, see the following instructions:

1. Plug in the TI USB Interface Adapter to the PC and the Evaluation Kit.

2. Power on the Evaluation Kit.

3. Start the TI Fusion Digital Power Manufacturing Tool GUI:

4. Select and load the desired xml script to program the board:

5. Run the programming script by clicking on the "Run Script" tab and clicking "Start".

6. The Operator ID field is irrelevant; click OK and wait for the board to finish programming.

7.The serial number can be left at the Default value:


8. Once this setup is finished, it is time to read back the voltage and current levels.

9.To do this, launch the TI Fusion Digital Power Designer

10. Choose the option: "UCD Controllers and Sequencers, Isolated Controllers (DEVICE_ID)".

11. Check the current and voltage levels by clicking "Monitor" in the lower left hand corner:

Note the rail readings over time.

12. Click "System Dashboard" to view all of the rails for a given location:

For more detailed information on the TI Fusion Digital Power Designer or TI Fusion Digital Power Manufacturing Tool, please visit the Texas Instruments website:

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