AR# 3904


M1.5 LogiBLOX - A new file extension (.ngc) is introduced for the implementation netlist.


Keywords: LogiBLOX, GUI, EDN, NGC, .ngc

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The implementation netlist produced by LogiBLOX in the M1.5 release will have a ".ngc"
extension instead of .ngo.


In M1 releases prior to 1.5, when LogiBLOX generated
an NGD model for a module, it created a file with a ".ngo"
extension. NGDBUILD would read this ".ngo" file in as the
implementation model for the LogiBLOX module.

However, in some cases, if a user also happened to generate
an EDIF simulation netlist for the module, NGDBUILD, following
its precedence rules, would read in this ".edn" file as
the source netlist andrecreate the ".ngo" file. Since the
LogiBLOX-created EDIF netlist was intended only for
simulation, it would not contain the required implementation
information. As a result, NGDBUILD (EDIF2NGD) would reject
the EDIF and issue an error.

To eliminate this problem, the M1.5 version of LogiBLOX
writes the implementation netlist to a file with a ".ngc"
extension (instead of ".ngo"). When NGDBUILD finds a ".ngc"
file defining a module, it uses this file directly, and does
not look for any associated "source" netlists. In all other
respects, the ".ngc" file serves the same purpose as the
".ngo" file.
AR# 3904
Date 02/13/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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