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AR# 39043

Project Navigator - Messages from HDLcompiler and Project Navigator cannot be filtered


There are some messages that appear in the Project Navigator console that I am unable to filter out using Message Filtering. Most of these messages start with a string of HDLcompiler, ProjectMngmt, or ProjectNavigator.


When a project is first opened, the project source files are parsed and I see a message similar to the following for each file:
  • INFO:HDLCompiler:1648 - Analyzing Verilog file \"/projname/cnt60.v\" into library work
    I have not been able to filter these messages in the Message Filtering GUI or by manually adding the message numbers to the .filter file.

    Is there any way to filter these messages?


    There are some types of messages that cannot be filtered with the ISE Message Filter. More specifically, only messages written to the standard report files (e.g. top.syr, top.bld, top.mrp, top.par) can be filtered.

    The filter works through a mechanism of parsing the standard report files. If a messages is not sent to any report file, as in the case of messages written out from Project Navigator related to the handling of project files, the message filter will never see that message.

    AR# 39043
    Date 12/15/2012
    Status Archive
    Type General Article
    • ISE Design Suite - 12.1
    • ISE Design Suite - 11.1
    • ISE - 10.1
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