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MIG Spartan-6 MCB - Does the MCB support 4 Gb memories?


The "Supported Memory Configurations" in the Spartan-6 FPGA Memory Controller User Guide (UG388) indicates that 4 Gb DDR3 is supported, but on the CORE Generator interface, there is no 4 Gb memory part available.

Does the MCB support 4 Gb memories? What about stacked/dual-die memory devices?


The Spartan-6 MCB supports 4 Gb monolithic memories. To interface with a 4 Gb SDRAM part, the Create Custom Part feature must be used. A 4Gb memory can be achieved with the address bits configured as either row:15, col:11, bank:3, or row:14, col:12, bank:3. However, the Spartan-6 MCB does not support dual-die or twin-die memories because the read capture circuit of the MCB does not support the stacked die.

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