AR# 39095


12.1 EDK - EDK cannot find the netlist of a custom core synthesized with a user mechanism


I have developed a custom peripheral. The option ELABORATE_PROC is set to a Tcl process, which will synthesize the peripheral. The netlist is generated in /implementation/<peripheral_name>_wrapper folder. I have set the option IMP_NETLIST to FALSe in MPD file.

When implementing the design, it fails on finding the netlist.

Is there anything else that needs to be done to make it work?


After PlatGen, an NGC file will be created in the /implementation/<peripheral_name>_wrapper folder and then copied to /implementation folder. NGDBuild will look for the netlists from the implementation folder. If your custom peripheral is synthesized with your own Tcl process, the generated NGC file should be copied to the /implementation folder using the Tcl process too.

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AR# 39095
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