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AR# 39101

13.1 EDK - Behavioral simulation of applications for PPC405 fail


I have created a PPC405 design with EDK 12.3. When I perform a behavioral simulation, the simulation does not work as expected and the following message from the ModelSim console appears:

<protected>.<protected>:1265200:(S103) {xil_ppc405_adv_mod1992}
The PowerPC 405 core has received X's on an input pin.
Valid inputs are required before simulation can continue.
Cell corrupted.

What is wrong and how can I solve the issue?


There is a bug in data2mem where it fails to produce the correct .MEM files that are used to initialize the block RAM for simulation. In particular, the instruction, which is a jump to the start of the ".text" section at address address 0xfffffff8, will be overridden with 0x00000000 when using the default Linker Script.

To work around this issue, modify the Linker Script to change the address of the .boot0 to 0xffffffe8 or lower (the default address is 0xffffffec). This workaround is only required for behavioral simulation, but works on hardware too.
AR# 39101
Date 03/22/2011
Status Active
Type Known Issues
  • EDK - 12.3
  • EDK - 12.4
  • EDK - 13.1
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