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AR# 39258

SP605 Hardware User Guide - IIC memory shown has incorrect resistor values


Figure 1-12 of the SP605 Hardware User Guide (UG526), shows the IIC memory on the board; device U4. The resistor values for R50 and R216 are incorrectly shown here.


In the SP605 Hardware User Guide v1.4 (UG526), Figure 1-12 shows R50 as DNP while R216 is a 0 ohm resistor:

These values are incorrect and should be swapped. R50 should be populated with a 0 ohm resistor, and R216 should be DNP as shown below:

This is not an issue on the board or in the SP605 schematic. The only place this error occurs is in the SP605 Hardware User Guide v1.4 (UG526). This is scheduled to be corrected in the next version of the Hardware User Guide.
AR# 39258
Date 11/24/2010
Status Active
Type General Article
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