AR# 39279

Require package thermal models for XCF32PVOG48C or any PROM device


I need the package thermal model for XCF32PVOG48C (or any of the other PROM devices). I tried to find it in the Xilinx Downloads area but I could not find the FPGA models. I could only find several Virtexand Spartan series thermal models, but not any PROM thermal model.


PROMs can be thought of as active-at-power-up devices. The dynamic power associated with these devices spans microseconds (over FPGA configuration time) and the static power consumption of PROM devices is very low (owing both to technology node and density). So, in the typical case, PROMs do not contribute much to the power / thermal challenges. Hence, in the board level thermal model, representing the PROM is absolutely not critical.Owing to this reason, at this time, package thermal models for PROM devices are not provided by Xilinx.
AR# 39279
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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