AR# 39285

Soft Error Mitigation Controller - How is the MCS data used for correction programmed to SPI memory?


When "error correction by replace" is in use, an image of the configuration data is programmed to SPI memory.

How does this MCS file get programmed to memory?


The SPI memory used for the SEM IP is independent of the configuration bitstream storage.

This means that an additional SPI flash specifically for the use of the SEM IP is needed.

The SPI flash is interfaced to the SEM IP through four user I/O pins.

The data in the SPI flash is put there by programming the SPI flash with the MCS file which is created by the .tcl script that is delivered with the SEM IP.

You will need to choose a programming method that best suits your needs.

For example, with prototyping one might make use of the Total Phase Flash Center with Cheetah Adapter:

Note: Xilinx does not test or endorse this product, but it is provided as an example of what can be used.
During production, the SPI flash would most likely be pre-programmed before attaching to the PCB, or a customized method to program the device would be used.

AR# 39285
Date 10/15/2014
Status Active
Type General Article