AR# 3933


F1.4,M1.4,Map,license,Error: basse ... No such feature exists (-5,116)


Keywords: Foundation, Demo, Temp, license, Map, basse, (-5,116)

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When trying to implement a design, an error is produced in map:

Error: basse - Unable to lock license for xc4013e. No such feature exists (-5,116).

The part described may be any part larger then 10k gates (eg XC4013E or greater, XC5215, XC4013XL or greater, XC4028EX or greater)


The error comes from trying to target a part larger than those supported by the BASE package (BAS, BSX, BOX).

To verify the license being used:
1. Verify the path assigned to the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable:
At a DOS prompt, enter:
echo %lm_license_file%

Check the environment variable settings

This should produce a path, pointing to your license

2. Follow this path and open the license.dat file.
On the INCREMENT or PACKAGE line, note the software package

If the software package has BAS, BSX or BOX, then it is a BASE package and does not support parts larger than 10k gates.
BOX is the temporary license provided with the installation of the tools (it has another limitation - Bitgen is not licensed).

If the user has a STD or EXP license, but has not changed the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable from the installation settings, the tools are most likely still using the Temporary (limited - Base) license that is included with the tools. This license can be found in the fndtn\data directory and will have a software package type of FND-BOX-PC (Foundation tools).
AR# 3933
Date 04/25/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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