AR# 3943


M1.4 map:ERROR:x52ap:13 - The comp (mapped physical logic cell) "blah" is not placed.


Keywords: IOB, OFD, IFD, macro

URGENCY: Standard

General Description: This error may occur if an OFD/OFD_1 or
IFD/IFD_1 macro is used in the design.



Look for flop in/outputs who have a corresponding attribute in the UCF file such as OUTREG or INREG - removal of these attributes may also correct the problem.


Replace the library macro with a user created macro that
contains the same library components. For example, an OFD
can be replaced by an FD and an OBUF. Either place the
FD->OBUF combination into the schematic or create a user macro
containing the FD->OBUF.

The same can be done for any other macro that displays the
error. This has been fixed for M1.5.
AR# 3943
Date 05/18/1999
Status Archive
Type General Article
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