AR# 3953


Foundation XVHDL: mmvhdl.exe not found when synthesizing


Keywords: Foundation, Metamor, Synthesis, Active-Vhdl, Vhdl,
mmvhdl, not found.

Urgency: Standard

Description: When synthesizing a vhdl file in Foundations
Metamor synthesis tool you get the following popup
dialog box. "mmvhdl.exe not found". This message
is the result of installing Aldec synthesis tools,
such as Aldec's Active-VHDL simulator.



The resolution is to enable XVHDL for synthesis. XVHDL is the
VHDL compiler which should be used with Foundation. You can
reset Foundation to use XVHDL by selecting
Synthesis->Configuration from the HDL Editor.
This will open a Configuration Dialog Box.
Click on the Tools pulldown menu and select XVHDL.


If the user has created an Active-VHDL project and used the synthesizer in
that tool (mmvhdl) and then attempts to synthesize within the HDL Editor of
Foundation, the error may be encountered.

The workaround is to create a new Foundation project and adding the relevant
VHDL file to that project. Then, proceed with Synthesis -> Configuration and
select XVHDL. Do a check syntax and synthesize as usual.
AR# 3953
Date 01/02/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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