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AR# 39597

Project Navigator - Some items in Design Overview/Detailed Reports are grayed out


Sometimes, some items in the Design Overview/Detailed Reports in Project Navigator are grayed out and the items cannot be displayed. How can I resolve the problem?


Reports are made active as they are generated and become available for viewing.

If a process has completed and the corresponding report is still greyed out, right click on the item that is grayed out and select "Reset Report List...".

If the issue persists, check the project working directory to verify that a report has been created for the process.

As each process completes, a design summary version of the report (with an xmsgs extension) is created and placed in the <project>/_xmsgs directory. After this file is created, the report will be selectable from the Design Summary.

Two issues have been seen that cause this problem.

    • If the top-level file gets changed multiple times while the Design Summary is open, in some cases, the Design Summary is still referencing a previous top-level file.
      For Example: The project has a top module name of "top1". However, the Design Summary index has disabled reports, which seem to be referencing a different top module name of "test".
      This is evident by selecting any of the disabled reports and choosing "Edit Definition" from the right-click menu.
      The resulting dialog shows the name of the file that Design Summary is expecting to find in the current directory. In this case, none of these files exist because they are using an old or previous top module name (test) that is no longer valid.
      • The referenced directory is incorrect. The design Summary points to a directory other than the <project>/_xmsgs directory.

        Xilinx has not been able to determine any specific sequence of events that causes either of the above situations, but, generally, when customers have reported this issue, they have recently changed top modules or added or removed a source from the design (causing a hierarchy re-parse).

        To manually correct the issue, select each report in the index (even though it is grayed out, you can still select it) and choose "Edit Definition" from the right-click menu. 

        You can then change the base name of all of these reports from the incorrect, for example, "test" to the correct, for example, "top1" module to get the correct full filename, for example, "top1_map.xrpt"). If the corresponding file does exist in the directory, the report will be found and will now show up as enabled (rather than grayed out and disabled).

        AR# 39597
        Date 05/08/2014
        Status Active
        Type General Article
        • ISE Design Suite - 11
        • ISE Design Suite - 12
        • ISE Design Suite - 13
        • ISE Design Suite - 14
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