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12.x/13.1 ChipScope - ChipScope core generation fails when directory paths are too long


When I generate ChipScope debug cores in the PlanAhead tool, ChipScope Inserter, or the CORE Generator software, errors similar to the following occur:

PlanAhead or CORE Generator:

ERROR:sim - Error: XST failed for chipscope_ibert_virtex6_gtx_v2_04_a_0.
ERROR:HDLCompiler:0 - "Unknown" Line 0: cannot open file "<Directory_path>" for writing
ERROR:sim - Error found during generation.

ChipScope Pro Inserter:

ERROR:sim - Error: XST failed for icon_pro. ERROR:HDLParsers:317 - The directory <directory_path>
ERROR:sim - Failed to generate 'icon_pro'.
ERROR:sim:554 - Error found during execution of IP icon_pro (ICON (ChipScope Pro - Integrated Controller) version 1.04.a)

How do I work around these errors?


These errors are caused by a long directory name.

To work around this, reduce the length of the directory path that the cores are being generated in. 

For ChipScope inserter, this is the target directory for the output netlist.

This issue is to be resolved in the 13.2 release of the ChipScope software.

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AR# 39647
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