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Design Assistant for XST - Help applying constraints within the RTL


Please refer to this answer record for help applying constraints within the RTL.

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Some XST constraints can beapplied not only globally but also specifically tocertain modules,instances or signals within the RTL code. Followingisa general description of the constraints syntax applied in RTL code.

  • VHDL

Constraints can be specified in VHDL code with VHDL attributes. It consists of two parts, attributes declaration and attributes specification.

attribute constraint_name : string;

attribute constraint_name of object_name :{component|label|entity|signal|variable} is constraint_value;


Entity example1 is

port (......);

attributekeep_hierarchy string;

attributekeep_hierarchyofexample1 : entity isyes;

end example1;

architecturearch1 ofexample1 is


attribute keep string;

attributekeepofsignal1 :signal istrue;

attribute keep_hierarchy of component1 : component is yes;


end arch1;

  • Verilog

Verilog attributes are bounded by brackets and asterisks.

(* attribute_name = "attribute_value" *)


(*keep_hierarchy = "yes"*)

module top (......);


(*keep = "true"*) reg [1:0] a_reg;



For more informationabout any XST constraints syntax in RTL code, please refer to UG627/687-XST User Guide (Xilinx Answer 38931).

For more information of Constraints entry method in VHDL and Verilog code, please refer to "Chapter 2-Entry Strategies for Xilinx Constraints" in UG625-Constraints Guide.

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