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NCSim - ncvhdl_p: *E,SELLI: unit (VCOMPONENTS) not found in library (UNISIM)


When trying to simulate a design using Xilinx primitives from the UNISIM library under NCSim, I receive the following error:

ncvhdl_p: *E,SELLIB (../ref_design_xebp1_64.vhd,72|10): unit (VCOMPONENTS) not found in library (UNISIM).

The libraries are correctly declared in the cds.lib file.

I have declared the library as follows:

use UNISIM.Vcomponents.ALL;

I do not have this issue with any other Simulator.

What is causing the problem?


During elaboration with NCSim, the "-lib_binding" switch is required. 

This switch allows NCSim to perform a typical library search order.

This search allows NCSim to find the UNISIM library which contains your primitive.
To add this switch, check the "Add other options" box during NCSim and then add "-lib_binding".
Alternatively, you can try using the "-relax" switch for NCSim. 

This switch provides a "catch all" method for binding primitives instantiated in your RTL.

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AR# 40023
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