AR# 40078


10.1 EDK - Error: ICACHE address space doesn't match IP on bus ixcl


After adding a peripheral into my system and regenerating the address, the following error occurs:

"Running DRC Tcl procedures for OPTION IPLEVEL_DRC_PROC...
ERROR:MDT - issued from TCL procedure "check_icache_fsl" line 86microblaze_0 (microblaze)
- ICACHE address space [0x24000000:0x27FFFFFF] does not match IP "DDR2_SDRAMx16" on bus "ixcl"
ERROR:MDT - platgen failed with errors!
make: *** [implementation/system.bmm] Error 2

What could be wrong and how can I solve the error?


The mismatch of the cached address between MicroBlaze and DDR2 could occur if the DDR2 address was changed when generating the address for the system.

It can be easily corrected by changing either the cached address of MicroBlaze or the address of the DDR2 so that they match with each other.

AR# 40078
Date 05/19/2012
Status Archive
Type Error Message
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