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12.1 EDK - make: *** [implementation/mb0_xps_reg_if_cntlr_wrapper.ngc] Segmentation fault


Why would I receive the following XPS Segmentation Faults?

Error 1:
Writing (top-level) BMM ...
make: *** [implementation/mb0_xps_reg_if_cntlr_wrapper.ngc] Segmentation fault
where mb0_xps_reg_if_cntlr is an instance of xps_bram_if_cntlr

Error 2:
Writing (top-level) BMM ...
make: *** [implementation/mb0_xps_reg_if_cntlr_wrapper.ngc] Segmentation fault
make: *** Deleting file `implementation/mb0_xps_reg_if_cntlr_wrapper.ngc'


The first error is generated when there is a block RAM controller without a BRAM_block connected to it. Since the generation of the BMM file requires the precise orientation of the block RAMs, the absence of a physical block RAM causes this error.

Following are some alternate solutions:

  • If there is a need to use the same block RAM in custom logic, use a bram_block with one port connected to the block RAM controller and the other port used by custom logic.
  • If the block RAM is going to be used exclusively for custom logic (and not to store the processor code in it), consider using user address memory spaces; for more details, see Create/Import Peripheral Wizard Flow.

The second error occurs under the following scenario:

  • There must be multiple ilmb and dlmb controllers attached to a single processor.
  • One of the lmb controllers does not share the bram_block between the ilmb and the dlmb for a same memory.

In the 12.4 tools, you are limited tousing a single ilmb and dlmb controller when the two controllers do not map to the same bram_block.

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