AR# 40150


Licensing - Can I use an ISE floating license regardless of geographical location?


My licenses are running on a license server in Europe, however, I travel extensively and can quite often need to access these licenses from other geographical locations, for example, the United States.

Is it possible to use these licenses from multiple locations or are there geographical restrictions?


Most of the Xilinx FlexLM licenses are not geographically restricted, therefore, it is acceptable to use these licenses and point back to the server in another geographical location.

As long as the license is not being used in a country that is restricted by Export Compliance or in a way that violates the End User License Agreement, the location of the server relative to the user is not restricted.

There might be an issue with some IP licenses that are provided with a "site" specific license, as using these from another site would be against the terms of the license agreement.

In general, Xilinx software licenses are not "site" licenses, therefore, these should be fine.

AR# 40150
Date 11/23/2016
Status Active
Type General Article
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