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Xilinx Technical Support - ITAR Policy


What is ITAR and what is Xilinx Technical Support's policy on receiving ITAR controlled files?


ITAR, or International Traffic in Arms Regulations, is a set of government regulations administered by the US Department of State designed to regulate the import and export of defense related products, technology and services.
Therefore, special care must be given to the handling of any files which contain ITAR-controlled information.


Xilinx Technical Support is committed to handling such files in an export compliant manner.
However, exchanging export-controlled files is only intended to be a last resort for debug purposes as there are limited support options available with export-controlled files.
For example, Technical Support is not able to work with development, or file a bug report on an issue discovered with an export restricted test case.


Alternate debugging options should be considered before exchanging export-controlled files. These options include but are not limited to:

  • Reproducing the issue with a publicly available reference design,
  • Creating a general test case that demonstrates the issue
  • Working with your local FAE for assistance.


If exchanging export controlled files is required to resolve an issue, the following steps must be completed before the files are exchanged:

  1. Create a Service Request (SR) with Technical Support and select the ITAR checkbox on the SR creation form.
    Please note that selecting the ITAR checkbox when creating an SR does not guarantee that the SR will be routed to a US citizen.
    If file exchange is required, the issue will be transferred to a support engineer qualified to handle ITAR-controlled information.

  2. Prepare data for exchange.
    Data should only be exchanged through the Xilinx Managed File Transfer Tool.
    The support engineer assigned to your SR is able to assist you with this.

  3. Send controlled files to Xilinx Technical Support only after directed to do so by the PAE assigned to your case.


For any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please e-mail:

AR# 40157
Date 10/18/2017
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