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COREGEN: What is SystemLINX?


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General Description:

What is SystemLINX?


SystemLINX is an interface to the Xilinx CORE Generator

software that enables the integration of third party system

level design tools for applications such as DSP. SystemView

by Elanix is the first system level design tool to be

integrated. SystemLINX allows the system level design tool to

leverage Xilinx's Smart IP and CORE Generator technology as

part of a highly efficient system design flow.

The CORE Generator software allows designers to generate

high level logic functions based on user specifications. After

specifications are chosen, the CORE Generator software

produces an optimal physical layout using Smart IP technology

and delivers it as a LogiCORE function that can be implemented

in a Xilinx FPGA device.

A typical flow might involve first building a model of a

system in the system level design tool, running simulations,

and adjusting parameter values to see how these affect system

behavior and performance. The ability to model the system

at a high level helps the designer to quickly determine the

optimal design.

Once the design has been optimized, the designer

can invoke the CORE Generator tool through SystemView, and

automatically pass down core selections and parameters. The CORE Generator then outputs netlists for implementation of the

system modules in Xilinx FPGA devices.
AR# 4017
Date 07/28/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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