AR# 40174


Obsolete Products Solution Center - Support for discontinued products announced through Xilinx Customer Notifications


The Obsolete Products Solution Center is intended to address questions related to discontinued Xilinx products announced through Customer Notifications, Product Discontinuation Notices (PDNs), and Xilinx Change Notifications.


Support for Obsolete/Discontinued products will be limited to tools usage and existing documentation.

To determine the latest version of software that supports the device, see (Xilinx Answer 15938).

There are Known Issues answer records for each release of software. For example, for the known issues in ISE 13.x software, see (Xilinx Answer 39243).

For Frequently Asked Questions on the XC4000 Families, see (Xilinx Answer 31383).

For questions related to XCN12026/XCN11003, see (Xilinx Answer 40732).

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30290 10.1 ISE - Known Issues for Project Navigator 10.1 N/A N/A
AR# 40174
Date 01/30/2013
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