AR# 4029


98 DATABOOK: Does Xilinx have XC4028EX or X4036EX parts in -1 Speed grade?


General Description

Do we have X4028EX or XC4036EX parts in -1 speed?


No, X4000EX parts are not available in -1 Speed grade. They are only available in -4,-3, and -2.

1998 Databook has error in page 4-148, Table 27.

The speed grade should read -4,-3,-2. (not -3,-2,-1)

Product manager is aware of this error, and request has been made to correct this.

Faster speed grades are available for the XC4028XL and XC4036XL devices.

AR# 4029
Date 05/20/2016
Status Archive
Type General Article
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