AR# 40412


System Generator - BitBasher - Error: expected a positive integer at column ##


I'm attempting to use the Sysgen BitBasher block to slice a bus into multiple outputs while making use of a parameter or mask. 

For example:

out1 = {input[external_param:4]}
out2 = {input[3:0]}

When doing so, I encounter the following error:

The following error occurred with the test/BitBasher block:  
Expected a positive integer at column ## in line #

Why does this error occur?


This error occurs because BitBasher does not support masked parameterization of expressions.

For a list of limitations of this block, see the inline help for this block. 

Help for the block is available by right-clicking on the block and selecting help.

AR# 40412
Date 09/02/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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