AR# 40465


13.1 CORE Generator - "FATAL ERROR: No index entry for element ID ¿xxxx¿ found" when making IP repository changes


While making changes (add/rm repository or IP) in the Manage IP Catalog dialog window I get the following error message:

       FATAL ERROR: No index entry for element ID xxxx found.  

The error typically happens when passing the cursor over the main CORE Generator window.


The error happens because the main CORE Generator window cursor handling ends up going through the project IP IDs when the cursor moves over the main window, and, at this point in time, the project IP IDs that CORE Generator knows about do not match the ones in the changed repositories. The project IP are validated with the latest catalog after OK is selected in the Manage IP Catalog dialog window.

To avoid this issue, close any open CORE Generator projects before making IP repository changes.

AR# 40465
Date 05/26/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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