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13.1 CORE Generator - "ERROR:coreutil:646 - Unable to create design from file \coregen.cgc'"


When I attempt to open a CORE Generator project the following errors occur:

"Closed project file.
Opening project file C:/my_proj/coregen.cgp.
ERROR:coreutil:646 - Unable to create design from file 'C:\my_proj\coregen.cgc'
ERROR:sim:717 - Unable to open project 'C:\my_proj\coregen.cgc'
ERROR:encore:268 - Project C:\my_proj\coregen.cgc could not be opened
Could not open project file C:/my_proj/coregen.cgp."

The project cannot be opened in theCORE Generator standalone tool or through the Project Navigator -> Manage Cores option.


This problem occurs if the project directory where the "coregen.cgp" fileis located contains a PLL or DCM_SP Clocking Wizard core (.xaw).

To open the CORE Generator toolproject, temporarily remove the core ".xaw"file, orchange the file extension ofthe ".xaw" file in the project directory.

The XAWcannot cannot be opened in 13.1 through the CORE Generator tool.However, ifyou needto edit the XAW core, you can use the Architecture Wizard standalone; run "c:\Xilinx\ISE_DS13.1\ISE\bin\nt\arwz.exe my_pll.xaw".

Even though theCORE Generator tool cannot open the ".xaw" file, the generated Verilog or VHDL file is valid and can be used by Project Navigator and XST.

This issue has been fixed in software version 13.2.

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AR# 40476
Date 05/19/2012
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