AR# 4050


NGDBuild, XNF2NGD, and EDIF2NGD - "Bad part type" errors


What are the possible causes of "Bad part type" errors from NGDBuild, XNF2NGD, and EDIF2NGD?


The causes of "Bad part type" errors in NGDBuild, XNF2NGD, and EDIF2NGD are as follows:



1. The part type (die, package, or speed grade specification ) entered is actually invalid. There are 3 components of the part type designation, and all 3 must be valid:

- device type (Examples: 3142A, 5210, 4010E, XC4036EX)

- package type (Examples: PQ240, BG256, TQ100

- speed grade: (Examples: -4, -09, -08)

The format of the part type specification must also be valid. Valid formats are:

- device-package-speed 4036ex-pg411-2

- device-speed-package 4036ex-2-pg411

- devicepackage-speed 4036expg411-2

2. XNF2NGD does not generally require that a PART record exist in the input XNF file *unless* the design contains an INLAT. The reason for this is because the definition of an INLAT in the XNF specification varies depending on whether the target architecture is XC3000 or XC4000, and thus this information is required for correct implementation.



1. EDIF2NGD also does not require that a PART type be specified in the EDIF netlist; however, if one is specified, it must be a valid one.

2. Another reason for a "bad part type" error may be that the required data files for the specified part type are missing (because they were never installed), or the data files have been corrupted. In this case, installing the required data files is the solution.

AR# 4050
Date 05/14/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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