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Packaging Design Assistant - Layout and Design Considerations


During the board design and layout process, questions can arise on topics such as package flight time, pinout guidelines, thermal models, and temperature solutions. This collection of Articles is targeted at these types of issues.

NOTE: This Answer Record is a part of the Xilinx Packaging Solution Center (Xilinx Answer 40687)


Flight Time

(Xilinx Answer 15321) Virtex Devices in Flip-Chip Packages / Source Synchronous Data Sheet - Where is the package TRACE length/flight time information located?
(Xilinx Answer 18078) Packaging: Wire-Bonded (BG / FG packages) - Why are package trace length/flight times for wire-bond packages not available?

Heat Sink

(Xilinx Answer 12912) - Are the heatsinks (heat spreader) on the Flip-Chip (FF) packages floating or grounded?
(Xilinx Answer 12291) Packaging - What is the maximum weight limit (spring loading) for a particular package/heatsink combination?
(Xilinx Answer 10676) Virtex-II Packaging - Who are the recommended socket vendors for FF packaging?

Pin Out

(Xilinx Answer 8554) FPGA Package Pin-out Data Sheet - In the device pin-out tables, what does No Connect (NC) mean?
(Xilinx Answer 32725) Spartan-6 - Preliminary package files definition

Temperature Management

(Xilinx Answer 10078) OrCAD - Does Xilinx provide device or package symbols for OrCAD layout tools?
(Xilinx Answer 9088) Packaging - Does Xilinx provide "Theta-JB" (Thermal Resistance from junction to board) data for its packages?
(Xilinx Answer 34867) FF/FFG1136 - temperature differential between the package and the solder balls
(Xilinx Answer 39279) Require package thermal models for XCF32PVOG48C or any PROM device
(Xilinx Answer 22359) Virtex-4 Packaging - Does Xilinx provide package thermal models?
(Xilinx Answer 9088) PACKAGING - Does Xilinx provide Thermal Resistance ("Psi-JB", "Theta-JC", or "Theta-JB") for Configuration PROMs?
(Xilinx Answer 1837) Thermal Data, FPGA - What is the absolute maximum junction temperature (Tj max) for plastic and ceramic parts?

AR# 40690
Date 12/15/2012
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