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Obsolete Device Solution Center - Details on XCN11003/XCN12026


As described in XCN12026,Xilinx retracted PDN Notice XCN11003 in September 2011 with a two year extension of production capability. XCN12026notification is to inform customers that the extension for Virtex (Virtex-E/-EM, Virtex-II and EasyPath Virtex-II families) and Spartan (Spartan-IIE family) FPGA products listed in XCN11003 is ending.

What are the recommended replacements for these devices?

What other resources are available for these devices?


There are no pin-compatible replacements for these families. It is strongly recommended that customers forecast requirements for the lifetime of their products and place a last time buy order to cover their manufacturing needs. However, if this is not possible, then a redesign to a newer product family is necessary. If you are redesigning to a new family, it is recommended that you discuss your requirements with your FAE or Distributor FAE who can assist you in your product selection.

For a list of Distributor FAEs, see:

Some things to consider when selecting a device are: I/O voltage compatibility, I/O count, and required logic cells. From the Silicon Devices page you can select the product tables for each family. For example, the Spartan-6 Product table:

Note: For information on long storage of Xilinx devices, see (Xilinx Answer 18120).

For furtherinformation concerning support for devices covered by XCN2026/XCN11003, see the following Answer Records:

Configurations issues are coveredby (Xilinx Answer 40756).

Fabric issues are covered by (Xilinx Answer 41516).

Boards and Kits are covered by (Xilinx Answer 40757).

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