AR# 40736


CORE Generator - "ERROR:sim - Legacy padded EDIF netlist not found"


The following error occurs when I generate one of the cores in Table 1 during synthesis. 

This error indicates that the top EDIF file cannot be found:

ERROR:sim - Legacy padded EDIF netlist not found.

ERROR:sim - Failed executing Tcl generator.


Table 1 - List of Cores

cic_compiler_v2_0 can_v3_1
cmpy_v3_1 cpri_v4_1
cmpy_v5_0 ethernet_statistics_v3_5
convolution_v7_0 gig_eth_pcs_pma_v11_1
dds_compiler_v4_0 obsai_v5_1
dds_compiler_v5_0 pci_express_v3_7
lte_rach_detector_v1_0 rxaui_v2_1
rs_decoder_v7_0 ten_gig_eth_mac_v11_1
tcc_decoder_3gpplte_v2_0 tri_mode_eth_mac_v5_1
tcc_decoder_3gpplte_v3_1 xaui_v10_1
xfft_v7_1xbip_multadd_v2_0 floating_point_v5_0

The IP cores listed above deliver what is referred to as a Legacy top EDIF file.

If the "Create Netlist Wrapper with IO pads" option is selected for these cores, generation results in the error which refers to the padded netlist.

(In the .xco file this is selected with addpads=true )

The problem is that the generator creates the padded EDN file in the unique transient directory, which normally only holds temporary files for that generator. 

This directory is deleted when the generator is done (unless in -d mode), so when a later generator process needs that file, the file is not found.

To work around this problem, copy the file to the transient source directory which is used for files needed between generators.

To avoid this error, you can do one of the following:

  • De-select the "Create Netlist Wrapper with IO pads" option under the Project -> Project Options, Advanced tab in Core Generator.
  • Run or open the CORE Generator software in debug mode (use the -d option on command line).
    In debug mode, the temporary directories created during generation are not deleted.

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