AR# 40793


Platform Flash - Does the PROM need to be powered-on before FPGA?


When planning my power sequence, should I ensure that the Platform Flash PROM is powered before my FPGA?


Generally, anyexternal storage device needs to be ready when theFPGA read data from it, which means external device should be powered first.

There is an exceptionfor the Platform Flash. The FPGA pin INIT_B is connected to OE/RESET pin of the PROM in configuration scenario. If the FPGA does not finish power-up, INIT_B will be asserted low, which willhold the PROM in reset status. After power-up process of FPGA, if the PROMhas not finished power-up, thenOE/RESET willstay lowensuring configuration does not start on the rising edge of INIT. After power-up of PROM, OE/RESET will be released by PROM. This way can guarantee that theFPGA and PROM work correctly.

Note: INIT_B is bidirectional I/O in FPGA. Also, OE/RESET is bidirectional I/O in PROM.

AR# 40793
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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